The best double strollers for one – three year old

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Gone are the days, such double stroller were offered only in a page-to-page design. Today there are many choices when shopping for a double stroller and you can something, to find the best lifestyle and the age of your children. If there are baby stroller, which can provide a reasonable fit for both of them […]

Family Problems that Affect Children at School

School children

Many families have problems. Sometimes families decide that these problems should not come to light and went into hiding. But there are some family problems that must be explained in the child’s school so they can understand the behavior and the possible absence of the child. Should be proactive and let the teacher know the […]

Encourage children to eat healthy

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Feeding our children generates lots of questions. Dr. Gloria and Dr. Peter Cabezuelo Frontera have hands in the dough and entered the kitchen to advise and prepare the most appropriate food for our children according to their age. Meals for infants and young children are daily activities that cause more headaches for the parents, their […]

Ways to choose the Lightest Double Stroller

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You’re not alone if you’re feeling overwhelmed with the choice of strollers readily available as well as are feeling uncertain regarding which one to buy. There’s a lot of buzz pertaining to the advantages and also attributes of modern strollers, yet essentially there is simply 3 key facets you have to be worried regarding. Simplify […]

Method used to educate parents to raise children

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Now in his latest book, Common Sense Pediatrics, Dr. Eduard Estivill just common sense appeal to raise and educate children. From their point of view, makes us reflect on some aspects of the education of children of great concern to the parents of the future as the friendship between parents and children, to the one […]